Youths Deserve Better Than the Tiring and predictable Promises

On August 12, most countries globally observed the International Youth Day.
As the name suggests, it’s a day for the youths. Youths in Kenya is anyone between 18 and 35 years.
Since time immemorial, these are the most misused, underused and overused people in this country.
If they are not being given peanuts, mostly sh50 or less, so they push political interests of rich political masters, they are queuing in massive numbers to cast their ballots to elect the oligarchs’ sons and daughters who will soon turn on them.
If they are not begging for jobs, they are being sacked in large numbers to give space for the rich and the privileged.
If they are not going hungry, they are being paid little to fill the humongous stores belonging to the country’s masters.
When they are working for 18 hours a day to be paid peanuts, their wealthy employers’ bank accounts are ironically bulging.
Although statistics have shown the youths are the country’s majority, their numbers only matter during elections.
When it is about sharing government jobs the youthful 90-year-olds are preferred. That is why this administration has never appointed a youth as a Cabinet Secretary, an ambassador nor a parastatal head. For them, the youths do not belong there.
They belong to elections. They belong to polling stations to protect the oligarchs’ votes.
This must change if we are to properly appreciate the raw and untapped youthfulness of the majority people in this country.
It is not enough to just post messages celebrating this day, youths must play the greater role in the running of this country.
Stop the hypocrisy. Youths deserve much, much better than the tiring and predictable social media commiserations.