Over 2 million Coronavirus Deaths Worldwide


The reality is coronavirus is still taking away precious lives at higher rates despite the rolling out of vaccines to stop more infections.

As of Saturday, 2, 019, 700 deaths had been reported across the globe, indicating the disease’s unrelenting war against human lives.

That is from slightly over 67 million infections around the world.

The United States still leads with the highest number of infections (24, 102, 000) and deaths (401, 856).

It is followed by India (10.5 million cases, 152, 000 deaths), Brazil (8.4 million cases, 208, 300 deaths), Russia (3.5 million cases, 65,000 deaths) and the United Kingdom closes the top five with 3.3 million cases, 87, 000 deaths.

In Kenya, 98, 859 cases have been recorded and 1726 deaths.

A number of vaccines are being rolled out worldwide although none is yet to reach Africa.

South Africa leads in Africa with 1.3 million cases and 36,000 deaths.