Mandago Donates 68,000 Avocado Trees to Residents


As he preaches the gospel of avocados, Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago continues to encourage farmers in the county to diversify to other crops to raise their sources of income.

Mandago has sort of become an ambassador of crop diversification taking it upon himself to beseech farmers to stop over-relliance on maize and try other cash crops as avocados, macadamia, bananas etc.

On Monday, he said he had distributed 68,000 avocado seedlings, 17,000 Macadamia, 35,500 Tissue Culture Bananas and 297,000 Coffee seedlings to interested farmers across the county.

“We continue to encourage our farmers to diversify into high-value cash crops in the County,” the governor said.

He said the crops fetched better income than the traditional ones the farmers are used to.

“This will improve their livelihoods as a 50kg bag of coffee trades at $360 (more than Ksh 36,000) on the international market while macadamia trades at $2 per kg (more than Ksh 200). I also visited some farms under coffee, avocado and bananas in the area,” he added.