Lawyer Who Finds Great Joy in Making Women Beautiful


By Sheila Korir 

Paula Cherop is just in love with art.

That would easily sum up who she is.

But this is a trained lawyer who has fallen in love with make-up artistry and willing to conquer the world of beauty as she looks over matters law for clients.

She wants to make sure women gain confidence in their beauty as she practices law.

So why has Cherop, the Baringo-born lawyer, fallen in love with make-up?

“I’m a Digital creator and freelance makeup artist based in Eldoret. I’ve always had an interest in it and it’s something that I love to do, mostly I do it to get things off my head and it makes me happy. Being a creative makeup artist, you have the freedom to be as creative as you want. Each model is a new canvas that allows you to express yourself as an artist. Plus it fulfills me and makes me happy!” she says.

Born and raised in Baringo, Paula has set out to explore her self-taught skill of applying makeup and making women beautiful and confident in Eldoret, the North Rift town she has fine-tuned her trade.

She also does artistic looks that are often exotic and top fashion makeup styles referred to as ‘Avant Garde Makeup’.

She is artistic, and she has over time perfected this skill to earn a seat at the table of who is who in the streets of Eldoret Town.

Award Nomination

This year she was nominated as the ‘Best Makeup Artist of the Year’ at the Annual Kitenge Festival Awards, a big event held in Eldoret Town to recognize talents and skills among the youth.

What people don’t know is that Paula studied Bachelor of Law at Moi University.

Cherop would one day want to make a great Lawyer and be employed in the high-end Law firms in the country, but the beauty industry and doing makeup will always remain an engagement she would pursue with all her passion. Her part-time will be making art and making people beautiful.

For now, her day starts with an inventory check, verifying the availability of all the necessary makeup products, making sure all her sets are clean and ready for the day’s work.

She then checks her clients inquiring what they have in mind to determine the type of artistic look they desire. Once she is done, she goes on to research and experiment with new looks.

Paula also talks about how it’s not easy or guaranteed to get clients every single day.

“You’re not assured of getting clients every day, other times clients cancel appointments in the last minute disorienting you for the rest of your day. Either way, you have to stay firm and committed to the dream!”

Flourishing Industry

Paula said the beauty industry was growing and flourishing every day.

“I feel like the makeup industry has ascended from being a warm tone palate and has become more inspiring and refreshing with color and selections. More so, Makeup brands are becoming more noticed and are really coming up a lot which is really great. People are now more aware of it and support it,” she says.

In today’s society, men have thrown their luck in the beauty industry and Paula agrees some are doing quite well.

“I believe anyone should just live by whatever they want to do as long as it doesn’t hurt people around them. It’s a free world, people should do whatever gives them income and most of all peace and happiness.”

Paula adds that women are generally beautiful and makeup is just to enhance their beauty. She goes on to tell those who troll women with makeup that they need to know that makeup only enhances what they already have.

“It brings some level of confidence, and it makes you feel good about yourself and if it makes, you happy, then that’s all that matters!” she quips.

Paula looks up to Mimi Choi, Abby Roberts, Dennis Karuri, and Stephanie Cherono who she learns from as she perfects her art.

Her goal is to one day be recognized as a big name in the industry, become a celebrity makeup artist, and be able to travel the world doing what she loves most; make-up artistry.

“My goal and ambitions that I personally entertain as a makeup artist would be to be a celebrity makeup artist and be able to travel the world to do people’s makeup.”

Paula’s happiness is putting a smile on her client’s face. She is always experimenting with different makeup strategies and this she says, gives her the push to work harder every day.

“I feel like a failure when my clients are not thrilled and satisfied with the service. My clients really mean a lot to me.”

Parting Shot

“To be a makeup artist, requires a specific skill set and a mindset. Make sure you put in a lot of practice, research on art, makeup artistry. Make sure you love what you do, find a good mentor, and work harder. Keep your eyes on the price, and just do you!