KTDA is a Monster, CS Munya Says


Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has branded the Kenya Tea Development Agency a monster for fighting reforms aimed at improving farmers’ earnings.

Munya, who has taken upon himself to fight tea cartels since he took over the docket, said he had faced immense opposition from KTDA managers as he attempted to streamline the sector.

“This monster we are calling KTDA that has been growing, it’s hydra-headed, investing farmers money in all sorts of ponzi schemes and then using the court systems to prevent government from doing anything, court cases everywhere and spending farmers money on expensive lawyers…we are telling them their time is up, whether they go to court, the tea farmers must fully benefit from their tea,” said Munya in Nairobi on Wednesday.

Hope met the enactment of a Tea Act recently that sought to re-establish the Tea Board of Kenya and Kenya Tea Research Foundation to lead in the revamping of the sector.

The Act is also expected to cut down the powers KTDA enjoy in the sector.

The Agency has challenged the reforms in court.