Former MP Accuses KTDA Directors of Colluding with Fraudsters

Former Koinoin MP Julius Kones said he was in possession of documents showing that directors of Mogogosiek Tea Factory based in the constituency had been allocating themselves tea leaves.
“Last year a forensic audit conducted last year at the factory, which report is in my possession, showed falsification of weights and theft of farmers green leaf both at Tea buying center level and at factory. The Directors suspended/sacked the affected clerks, which is laudable. But the unanswered questions are: why didn’t the Board take action on the Directors who were also implicated in the audit report to have added themselves unexplained weights?” asked Dr Kones.
The ex-lawmaker also took on some directors for promoting nepotism saying one had pushed for employment of his two sons at the factory.
“One of the directors is reported to have employed two of his sons directly at the expense of other needy cases,” he indicated.
He also revealed senior managers had taken millions of money from the factory’s accounts to lodge cases against Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya who is pushing for extensive reforms in the tea sector.
“The Directors authorised expenditure running into millions of shillings to be used to sue the Cabinet Secretary on the Tea reforms without approval of the farmers. Why are they secretly collecting signatures from farmers without explaining to them in the pretext that the farmers held a special AGM authorising the payment?” he asked.
The factory is among several in Bomet county managed by KTDA that have been in the eye of the storm for alleged mismanagement and embezzlement of farmers’ resources.

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